I'm too excited. My eyebrows are stuck in the raised up position and I'm having to uncaps a lot of ALL CAPS things. So, here's the news. I JUST SIGNED ANOTHER BOOK CONTRACT WITH MY BELOVED, BEAUTIFUL PUBLISHER, B&H! 

I will not talk about this much or for a very long time because this is a lonnnnng process and the release date for this one is quite a ways off. 

But, I'll tell you how this all came together. 

Back when we were deciding color swatches for the Afraid of All the Things book cover, I was texting options to my friends. At one point, my beautiful mustard book was maybe going to be a dark, bloody red. My friends and family agreed that blood red was too scary for a book about fear that had, you know, fangs on the cover. My friend, Katie, made a joke about it and I laughed really hard. And then her joke gave me an idea for a new book. And her joke is, word for word, the working title of this new book (a secret for now).

I wrote the book proposal for it the week after Afraid of All the Things released. I showed it to Brandon. He gave me a stack of dog-eared theology books to read before I took another whack at it. 

But instead, I took a writing break and beat not one, but TWO Super Mario games (Super Mario Brothers AND Yoshi’s Island. Instagram video footage of one of these victories here).

Then, after my Mario phase, I read the theology books when we drove from Nashville to South Carolina to see Brandon’s family.

Then, I got back to it, finished the proposal, and B&H said yes.

Anyway, the long publishing process will force me to exhibit self control and talk about other things until the release date gets closer, but I wanted you to know that I have another book in process and I’m so excited and grateful.

Thank you guys for being so wonderful. Thank you for reading Afraid of All the Things and for sharing it with your friends and telling me about how God has used it in your life. You tell me that it makes you feel less alone, but when you tell me that, it makes me feel less alone. You help me remember the power of the cross.

You help me remember, as my eight-year-old told me this morning, that I can “put my worries in a worry box” and give it to Jesus. He died and rose so I could have access to Almighty God. He’s not mostly might and our access isn’t momentary.  We can rest because He loves us. We can forgive because we’re forgiven. Your testimonies and sweet messages remind me to look up. I’m so thankful for you. 

I rarely send out emails, but if you want to stay up to date on the latest with my book stuff and speaking travels (bring me and my sister-sistant to your town! It’s one of our favorite things!), you can sign up to get those emails right here. 

Love you guys so much! 



Scarlet Hiltibidal